Monday, December 20, 2010

Third Sex

Everything’s improving, there are more than billion entrepreneurs, top 10 billionaires in India alone, yet certain section of our society has/is been neglected. Let’s get close to these people. They don’t harm nor do they need any help. What they need is just your SUPPORT.

This people, they are neither man nor woman. Different languages different names for them, Eunuchs have been here for a long time, they r mentioned in RAMAYANA…it goes like when king Ram went into exile for 14 years, all his subjects followed him into the jungle. He asked them all to return, but he said, “All men and women should go home,” and they did. But he did not mention the eunuchs, so they stayed there and waited for him for 14 years. When he returned form his 14-year exile, the first people he saw were the eunuchs, and he asked them who they were. They said, “You asked the men and women to leave but said nothing to us, so we stayed.”.

They worship Bahuchara Mata a goddess of Hindu religion. They don’t distinguish between Hindu and Muslim deities. Eunuchs are able to identify with different figures in Indian mythology, in ancient times they were traditionally very respected as the third sex..

This story is based on a Eunuch(Rose) perfectly extremist whose views are never given importance in their fraternity. Story commences on how Rose goes through all d difficulties while the climax shows how Rose rises out of them n changes d whole course of life they were living till now.

It’s a strong script which would eventually change people’s perception towards looking at this Sex.

The script is ready n I am still working on the screenplay, if you would like to know more about it then contact me:

Mobile :-+919820120389

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